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History of Highwater

Proposed Plant

Highwater Ethanol, LLC. will be constructing a 50 Million gallon ethanol facility in Lamberton Township, Lamberton, MN. The facility will be located 1 mile west of Lamberton, MN along US Hwy 14 and the Dakota Minnesota  & Eastern Railroad. Along with producing the 50 million gallons of ethanol, Highwater Ethanol will produce 160,000 tons of DDG {Dried Distillers Grains}. A portion of the distiller grains will be available as wet-cake for local livestock producers.

Highwater Ethanol is expected to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year with scheduled shut downs for routine maintenance. The facility will have adequate lighting to operate effectively 24 hours per day. Highwater Ethanol, LLC expects to employ 30-35 people and intends to be a vital part of the region.

The ethanol plant will be a state of the art facility built by Fagen/ICM with technology to control dust and noise. Before Highwater Ethanol can start building it needs a wide variety of environmental protection permits that are required by the State of Minnesota. These permits include air, wastewater and above ground storage tanks administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and water appropriation administered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The picture above is the proposed site of Highwater Ethanol.


Build Team
  • Boulay, Heutmaker, Zibell & Co. P.L.L.P.
  • Brown, Winick, Graves, Gross, Baskerville and Schoenebaum, P.L.C.
  • Christianson & Associates, PLLP
  • Earth Tech Consulting, Inc.
  • Fagen Inc.
  • ICM
  • Meadowland Farmers Coop
  • PRX Geographics
  • RPMG (Renewable Products Market Group)
  • R & G Construction
  • TransSystems, Inc.
  • U.S. Energy
    • Yaggy Colby

      Photo Gallery

      September 11, 2009 - Grand Opening Ceremony

      CEO/GM Brian Kletscher greeting U.S. Congressman Collin Peterson, MN 7th District and Chairman of the House Ag Committee.
      Wabasso FFA President Hillary Kletscher addressing the audience.
      Ron Fagen, President and CEO, Fagen, Inc.
      Highwater Ethanol Director Warren Pankonin.
      Minnesota Department of Ag Commissioner Gene Hugoson
      Highwater Ethanol President David Moldan addressing the audience.

      Project Coordinator Robin Spaude saying a few words.
      CEO/GM Brian Kletscher addressing the audience.
      July 5, 2009 - Photos taken by and courtesy of Russell Derickson.
      May 13, 2009  

      View of silos.
      May 7, 2009  

      Enviropan at Ethanol Rail loadout.

      Grain Receiving Bldg looking East.
      April 23, 2009  

      Administration Building.

      Boiler and Economizer in place.

      Looking North across top of Process building.

      Looking North at Energy Center.

      Looking West over Tank Farm and Ponds.

      Rail spur looking East.

      Rail system looking West.

      RO Pond before liner.

      Top of Corn Leg on top of Silos.

      View of CLS Bldg, outside storage tanks & silos in background.
      April 14, 2009  

      Construction on the Grain Receiving Bldg.

      Thermal Oxidizer connection to Boiler package.
      March 19, 2009  

      Indeck Boiler arriving by rail.

      Indeck Boiler in place.

      Indeck Boiler package.

      View of Indeck Boiler.

      March 5: Boiler Economizer in place.

      View of the Indeck Boiler arriving.
      February 17, 2009  
      Thermal Oxidizer Stack

      Stillage Tanks & Energy Center facing Northwest.
      October 14, 2008 - January 6, 2009  

      12/18/08: Thermal oxidizer stack in place.

      12/18/08: Setting the thermal oxidizer stack.

      10/17/08: Silo pour – end of Day 2.

      10/17/08: Priming the ethanol storage tanks.

      10/16/08: View of Lamberton from the top of the silos during the pour.

      10/15/08: Silo Pour: Day 2.

      10/15/08: Silo pour under light.

      10/14/08: Silo Pour.
      October 31, 2008  
      October 3, 2008  

      Aerial towards grain silos.

      CLS Building soil sub-grade

      Skyline view.

      Grains recieving building floor: Day 1.


      Rail siding looking east.
      August 2008 - Groundbreaking Ceremony  

      Board Chair Brian Kletscher welcomes the approximately 100 attendees.

      Gerald Woodley, fields staff for Sen. Norm Coleman, brings greetings and congratulations from Washington.

      Ron Fagen at the podium.

      State Sen. Jim Vickerman spoke on ethanol's role in rural economic development.

      Board members and dignitaries putting the shovels to work.

      MN Corn Growers served refreshments. Thank You!
      July 2008  

      7-25-08: DDG building perimter wall footings

      7-30-08: Tank Farm: Ethanol storage tanks
      June 30, 2008  

      Stillage alley slab.

      Energy Center column pad methanator area.

      Column pads evap area.

      Stillage alley looking west.
      April 14, 2008 Aerial Photos  
      2008 Start Up  

      March 2008

      Forms in place and ready to pour concrete.

      March 2008

      Pouring a ferm tank. 

      February 2008

      More footing work.

      February 2008

      Building forms for the first footings.

      Second load of gravel for Energy Center footing.
      Scrapers working in tandem.


Highwater Ethanol, LLC
24500 US Highway 14
Lamberton, MN 56152

Telephone Numbers:
Office              507-752-6160
Fax                 507-752-6162

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